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1.   Act with honesty and integrity

  • Honestly and impartially record and report findings and not allow themselves to be influenced by pressure.
  • Discharge their professional and technical responsibilities with honesty and integrity.
  • Exercise their professional and technical skills and judgement to the best of their ability.
  • Make decisions in an objective, factual and fully informed

2.   Demonstrate responsibility, respect and fairness

  • Uphold their responsibilities to clients, their employer, the public interest and their profession.
  • Avoid conduct that unjustly harms or threatens the reputation of clients, your employer or the profession.
  • Not mislead

3.   Safeguard confidential information

  • Ensure the protection of confidential
  • Ensure that all work performed for a student/customer is treated
  • Never discuss any matter relating to a student/customer without prior express permission.

4.   Avoid conflicts of interest

  • Not personally accept payments, gifts or other advantages from
  • Not use confidential information for personal
  • Fully disclose any real or perceived conflicts of interest which could reasonably impair objectivity.

5.   Not harm others

  • Not intentionally cause harm to others through words or
  • Hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of
  • Advise clients of their responsibilities in terms of legal, moral and professional obligations where such a breach has been identified.
  • Give credit when it is

6.    Be professional and socially responsible.

  • Maintain a high level of professional
  • At all times work in an efficient and productive manner to achieve the highest quality of workmanship possible.
  • Maintain a high standard of personal appearance and professional
  • Not misrepresent your competence, qualifications or
  • Always look for opportunities to expand your own range of skills and knowledge and those of your team members.
  • Not undertake work beyond your personal ability except with guidance from a manager/more experienced person.